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Architectural Illustration Breakdowns

After being offline for several months while I focused more on Western New York photographs and illustrations, I have received a few requests to re-post some of the architectural illustration walkthroughs originally published on this site. While the primary focus will continue to be locally taken photography and illustrations uploaded a few times each month, I have begun a new sub-section to re-post the original tutorials from the past few years along with links to some other illustration resources I like to use. Once the previous breakdowns are back up I hope to add to them intermittently. The new section can be found at chrispolanski.com/arch

Kleinhans Music Hall & J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital

Two more from the 16x20 Series, this time an interior detail of the J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital and a façade elevation of Kleinhans Music Hall.

New Buffalo Illustrations...

Three new architectural illustrations from around Buffalo. Shown are the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens, the Buffalo City Court Building, and finally the Electric Tower. More coming soon...

Niagara Square

Robert H. Jackson United States Courthouse; Buffalo, NY

Robert H. Jackson United States Courthouse; Buffalo, NY

Located between Statler City and Buffalo City Hall and completed in 2011, the courthouse now anchors the corner of Niagara Square between Niagara Street and Delaware Avenue.  

Statler City; Buffalo, NY

Statler City; Buffalo, NY

Completed in 1923, the Statler Hotel was the second permanent hotel built in Buffalo under the Statler name, the first being completed in 1907 and demolished in 1968. Currently undergoing renovations, the building is the twelfth tallest in the city – ten feet higher than the recently completed Robert H. Jackson U.S. Courthouse across the street.